Electromagnetic Indicators

Used in Aircraft Flight Instrumentation
Hypernetics has developed a family of low power, high performance indicators for use in flight and engine instruments.
Hypernetics range of electromagnetic indicators includes magnetic wheel indicators & flag failure indicators. They can be used as single units or as stacked assemblies to present either a multiple-digit or alpha-numeric display & are designed for continuous operation to 125C.
Electromagnetic indicators are ideally suited as aircraft instrument readouts. Reliability is excellent even in direct sunlight. If power fails, readout remains visible. The only moving component is the indicator permanent magnetic rotor which is mounted on ball bearings. Designs ensure reliable performance in severe thermal shock environments.
  • Magnetic Wheel Indicators
    • 10 and 11 position steppers
  • Symbol Indicating Indicators
    • Rotary solenoid type
    • Toroidal stator type
  • Dial Face Annunciators
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