HYPERNETICS is focused on excellence in product development, product design and manufacturing. HYPERNETICS efficiently utilizes advanced engineering, design technology and manufacturing concepts combined with our extensive experience to provide our customers with the right product manufacturing solutions for their applications.

HYPERNETICS is constantly renewing its strategic intent by examining our internal processes and systems in order to meet our customer requirements by offering:

  • Value added services
  • Innovative designs
  • High quality products


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Engineered Custom Fixturing and Tooling
Qualification Testing



In house machine and model shop

Our machining capabilities enable fabrication of prototype, first off, and custom volume production.  Our expertise includes:

  • Precision CNC and manual milling and turning
  • Cylindrical and flat grinding
  • Tumble and manual de-burring
  • Sandblasting and glass beading
  • Stamping and forming


Assembly processing

HYPERNETICS offers state of the art manufacturing assembly services.  Assembly processing expertise includes:

    Microscope assembly Microscope Assemply
  • Microscope assembly
  • Clean cabinet assembly
  • Transfer molding
  • Soldering
    • Precision Interconnect
    • Flexible PCB
    • Miniature point to point


Special Processing

Over the years, project teams at HYPERNETICS have been tasked to oversee the development, implementation, control and execution of special processes which has enabled our organization to better service our customers and their growing specialized requirements.  Special process expertise includes:

    Coil Winding Coil Winding
  • Coating
    • Fluidized bed epoxy
    • Vacuum pressure impregnation
  • Transfer molding
  • Finishing
    • Precision screen printing : Cylindrical and Flat
    • Spray painting
  • Treatments
    • Heat treatment
    • Magnet charging and treating
    Laser Welding Laser Welding
  • Laser Marking
    • Fiber laser for metal marking
    • UID labels                                                          
  • Laser Welding
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Coil Winding : Toroidal and Bobbin



Engineering Design Services

HYPERNETICS is a full service engineering design firm providing core expertise in high performance electromagnetic sensors, alternators, movements and actuators.  Our engineering design team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the product development requirements of our customers.  Our highly skilled engineering team provides an extensive range of value-added services from the New Product Introduction (NPI) phase to full production support and services.  We offer cost-effective solutions, product modification innovative designs, and engineering turnkey projects. 

Reverse Engineering

The reverse engineering process can be complex and detail-oriented.  It is highly dependent on the capability of the engineering and the project management teams. At HYPERNETICS we pride ourselves on a high level of problem solving skills to meet the performance goals and deliverables of each customer.

HYPERNETICS specializes in designing new components for support of legacy aircraft programmes.  We accurately replicate performance specifications by determining the design intent through analysis of its structure, core functions and operation, creating solutions that match original design features and identifying where design improvements can be incorporated.  This process allows our customers to obtain products quickly, with limited interruptions to their customers operations.

Reverse engineering should be explored if your organization:

  • Requires product analysis
  • Experiences lost documentation
  • Experiences obsolescence


Prototype Capabilities

Our in-house fabrication services allow HYPERNETICS to complete prototyping activities on site.  Having this capability on site is critical to New Product Introduction (NPI). It increases control and flexibility in the prototyping process and allows HYPERNETICS to be able to meet customer’s compressed schedules. 

HYPERNETICS produces high quality prototypes for:

  • In-house testing
  • Analysis
  • Design verification
  • Process development and verification



Hypernetics designs and manufactures custom tooling and fixturing to support our production requirements.

Applications include:

  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Machining Fixtures
  • Tooling Packages
  • CNC Production Fixtures and Programming
  • Check Fixtures and Part Gauges.

Qualification Testing

HYPERNETICS has experience in, as well as the capabilities for, performing component-based qualification testing of parts and assemblies. HYPERNETICS uses a combination of in-house testing as well as certified third-party laboratories.

In house capabilities include:

  • Environmental Chamber
    • -65 °C to +200°C
    • 5 °C/Min or 10 °C/min with LN2 Boost
    • 20%-95% RH
    • Passthroughs for up to 6 test subjects
  • PC based drive system
  • PC based data acquisition system
  • Insulation Resistance, Dielectric and Continuity
  • Full functional testing of all product
  • RTCA/DO-160 testing
      • Temperature and Altitude
      • Temperature Variation
      • Humidity
      • Waterproofness
      • Salt Fog
      • Icing