Quality Assurance

Hypernetics is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction through continued enhancement of product excellence, quality workmanship, on time delivery, cost optimization and exceptional service.

Hypernetics is accredited to the AS9100 Aerospace and Defense Quality Standard by SAI Global.

Quality Policy

We, the employees of Hypernetics have implemented a quality system designed to meet our customers’ expectations for product quality and delivery without exception. We are committed to our quality system with emphasis on a continual cycle of review and improvement.

Quality Inspection Machines and Capabilities

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

Our vertical coordinate measurement machine (CMM) expands our capabilities in the inspection area. The CMM increases the accuracy and speed of our inspections offering the highest quality of inspections services to our customers. Ideal for first off inspection, online or offline process control, multiple-piece automated inspection.

coordinate measurement machine

Optical Comparator

Our optical comparators provide high accuracy, bright, crisp, inverted images for error free quality inspection and metrology applications. Magnification error is 0.01% or less for contours and 0.15% or less for surfaces.

optical comparator

Image Dimension Measuring Machine

The latest addition to our arsenal is the Keyence Image Dimension Measuring Machine. This is a next generation Optical Comparator able to accurately measure complex geometry (including precise positional tolerances) within just a few seconds.

stereoscopic zoom microscope