Purchase Order Addendum - Requirements

  1. Supplier shall retain Quality Records for a minimum period of 10 years
  2. If any deviation from the specifications stated on this purchase order should occur the supplier shall advise Hypernetics prior to shipment of product.
  3. The supplier must notify immediately (not to exceed 24 hours or the next business day) in writing, Hypernetics when a nonconformity is discovered in the supplier’s processes or components/assemblies for a product already delivered. This notification shall include as a minimum:
    1. A clear description of the nonconformity.
    2. Affected part number, serial number, batch number, heat lot number, Manufacturing date etc.
    3. Delivered quantity.
    4. Containment plan, including corrective action(s)
  4. All drawings, designs or process specifications forwarded to the supplier shall remain the property of Hypernetics, and shall not be shared, copied, or transmitted to any other body or person without the written permission of Hypernetics.
  5. Supplier shall avoid and prevent the use of counterfeit parts and raw materials.
  6. Persons performing work shall be aware of the following:
    1. Their contribution to product safety
    2. The importance of ethical behavior
  7. Hypernetics will monitor and control the supplier’s performance.
  8. Any supplier that performs work for Hypernetics shall not subcontract work to another supplier without the written consent of Hypernetics. Acceptance of a Purchase Order authorizes Hypernetics or Transport Canada access to review on site, all documentation, activities and processes related to the manufacture of the product or process contracted, as specified within the purchase order.